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Virtual Local Phone number (DID number) is a service which allows to receive calls without using clients equipment. In this case service providers equipment will be used.
Virtual Local Phone number (DID number) will help you to communicate with people abroad with the minimum expenses. For example, company based in London want to expand their business in Australia, but they do not have funds to open office there and to hire employees. They can buy Virtual Number of Australia and receive calls in London.
With the help of the Virtual Number service it will be possible to divide all incoming calls between the employees by the assigned scheme or IVR. It will take the service of your company to the higher level and the calls will be answered operationally.

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If you have several offices within one country or around the world, Virtual Number gives you the possibility to connect them and to low the expenses for international calls.

Buy Australia VoIP DID virtual local phone number in Australia

Virtual SkypeIN number is the service which allows you to receive calls with your Skype account. You just need to buy one of our Virtual numbers and forward calls to your Skype account. The callers will pay for their local taxes if they are calling it within the country the virtual number is registered with. The service allows you to communicate with friends in case they are not using Internet and Skype for instance or to make the expenses for the expensive international phone conversations. SkypeIN service is available for more than 80 countries, not only for Australia.
* The calls can also be forwarded to SIP!

Get the Virtual number in Australia and forward incoming calls to your existing SIP account or get the new one from us! You will also can make outgoing calls using your SIP-phone or a soft phone (a special application for your PC) which can be downloaded from the Internet.

It is very convenient as you can change the destination number or SIP account anytime you need it. You can also setup the way of the call-forwarding by time or by order.

* Call-forwarding to SIP and Skype is totally free!

We also provide such virtual phone services as Toll-Free numbers, SMS numbers and Fax numbers.

Toll-Free numbers - 800 numbers

Tool-free numbers allow clients to contact businesses for free. Toll-free numbers are time tested and they have proven they are successful for business and for attracting new clients. Our web site offers you the following Toll-free numbers: 800 (Brazil), 80 (Great Britain), 1-800 (Canada), 888, 866, 800 and 855 for USA. It is also very convenient for your employees to contact you anytime even if they do not have funds on their balance. The called party (the Toll-free subscriber) is charged for the calls. There is no better way to connect with your callers that Toll-free number! Buy Virtual Toll free 800 Numbers

SMS numbers - Virtual SMS numbers

Using SMS virtual number you will be able to receive SMS messages to your e-mail or mobile number anywhere in the world. We provide SMS numbers in Canada, USA, UK and Ukraine! SMS number is represented in the code of one of the mobile operators and is provided as the separate service.Buy Virtual SMS Numbers in USA, UK, Canada and Ukraine

Virtual Fax numbers - FAX to email

Virtual Fax numbers will help you to get Fax messages without using fax machine. The messages sent to such number will be converted into .pdf format and forwarded to your e-mail. Virtual Fax numbers are available in almost 80 countries of the world. To setup such number you will need to send request to our e-mail.Buy Virtual FAX Numbers

Make cheap international phone calls

Make a internet cheap phone calls, get a SIP account HERE and set up a SIP software like xlite, Zoiper Free and more other VoIP Softawre Read more